I have reached the point in my spiritual life at which I am certain that I know nothing about the spiritual life.
Thomas Merton

Genetics may be involved in how actively a person strives for certainty, small comfort to anyone trying to fend off someone else’s definition of The Right Way to Be.

Where do you fit on the certainty continuum? Are you more comforted by statements of certainty or statements of uncertainty?

Example: Kelly Corrigan interviews Kate Bowler on PBS

Practice: On any day, you will run into both. Notice your “little kid” response. Mine varies: In one mood, I find certainty comforting. In another, it’s claustrophobic.

Advanced practice: Merton plays with the concept of certainty — as can you. Someone makes a vehement statement and you ask, “You’re sure?” You make one, and add “So sayeth I.”

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