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Perhaps you’re curious about the way you operate. Perhaps you’re disheartened. You’ve noticed that some changes come easily, while others remain out of reach. You are looking for a way forward.

For 40 years I have invented mind/body exercises for people in my therapy practice to try. Now I want to empty my pockets and give them away.  Please try a practice only if it appeals to you. The right practice at the right time can alter your awareness and allow new options to emerge. Whichever one calls to you is the one to try.

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About Nan


I was the cook behind L’Auberge restaurant and co-founder of Cascade Valley School, both in Portland, OR.  Over the years, I have taught English at a storefront university and psychotherapy at an agency. I continue to teach privately — in fact, I consider psychotherapy a sub-set of teaching. The first half of the week, I see clients in my downtown office. The second half, I stay home in my robe to write.

Previously published pieces are available at NanNarboe.com. For my most recent essay, see Spent: Exposing Our Complicated Relationship with Shopping


Nan Narboe