Stories, I love stories. They embolden me.


The “respect” image reminded me of a funny exchange I had with an older woman.

I was near the end of my physical therapy session from my auto accident and doing a wobbly balancing act on one foot with my other foot touching the floor in front of me, then to the side and to the rear. A woman behind me said, “if I tried that I’d fall over, I’m too old.”  My reply was “and, I’m seventy!” Her reply, with no emotion, “well, I’m eighty five.”  I stopped, turned toward her, stood tall and then gave her a Japanese style deep bow.  It was at that moment that someone walked up to her and started talking. She said, “Hush, I’m being respected.”

After you’ve tried five or six practices, feel free to request one. Simply head me in a direction and I will make you a practice (eventually):

I keep saying Have a good day, but I . . .

I go blank when I get angry. The few times I’ve been angry, and felt it, I. . .

You may find, as I do, that putting what you need into words does the trick. Or you may want me in on your project, whatever it is. That’s fine with me.